Sauteed Red Cabbage

I'm not a huge fan of red cabbage, but I will say, shredding it finely makes it way more palatable! N won't touch cabbage in a large leaf form, but once it is shredded or finely chopped it is one of his favorite veggies. Red cabbage is a vegetable that really hinges upon "how it is prepared." I will give you my edible secret in the following recipe, remember best served with sauces:)!

1/2 head red cabbage cut in half
2 tbsp spring butter
2 Tbsp Water

With your food processor, use the shredding attachment. Place half of the cabbage in the food processor and shred it, then shred the other one. Once all the cabbage is shredded, heat a cast iron skillet to medium high. Once heated, add the butter then the cabbage. After a minute or two add the water. Continue to stir until cooked through. This is a great side dish when eaten with Saucy foods. Saucy pork chops is a great way to enjoy this, or with tomato sauce dishes.


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