Healthy Crunchy Nuts! Of all kinds! :)

Why healthy? In order to obtain all the nutrients from Almonds...or any nut for that matter, it is important to eat them in a raw, soaked state! Don't get me wrong, I was the girl who loved roasted nuts, but the truth is, they really aren't all that nutritious for us. We can't absorb a huge variety of the nurtients this way, and many are killed in the Roasting process.

So, start with your "raw" or as close to raw as possible nut (buy organic nuts! Conventional Nuts are pasteurized with gas organic are pasteurized with stem at least!), first soak them to deactivate numerous anti-nutrients present in nuts. This allows them to be more bio-available, and reduces intestinal irritation from eating nuts! So, "soaking" them is quite easy. Depending on the variety of nut, some might prefer them with their shells off! I definitely feel this way about almond and peanuts! If you want more precise information about soaking nuts, please visit or buy the "Nourishing Traditions" cookbook by Sally Fallon.
Basic recipe:

4 cups nuts of any variety
1 Tbsp Salt

Soak the nuts in the water for at least 7 hours. Then, if you are going too, remove the shells from the nuts. Place the nuts on a baking sheet and place in a 100 degree oven until completely dried out, about 12-15 hours. You can also use a dehydrator. There you have it, a crunchy nut, that is totally nutrient available. I use Crunchy almonds to make pancakes frequently for N! He loves them!


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