Chicken "Tots" (Candida Friendly/starch free)

I call these tots because the original recipe, from Pecan bread, that these were adapted from referred to them as tots. If you prefer call them patties, but whatever you call them, call them good! I love how these "hide" veggies in with the patties, and have an excellent flavor. We enjoyed them on the "flat bread" (the picture is of the flat bread before cut) folded over and ate them with traditional burger toppings, tomatoes, avocado, onions, lettuce, and a grilled 1/4 of savoy cabbage. They were quite satisfying!

We all loved the Tots, and N enjoyed his tot sandwich with lots of homemade ketchup (recipe from NT cookbook)

The Egg Yolks are added, since I make this with the flat bread, and the flat bread recipe has 2 egg yolks leftover. I didn't want to just discard these delicious and nutritious yolks, so I added them to help bind the mixture when "fried."

I could imagine this being awesome with some basil or cilantro as well, but I had two hungry men, and not enough time to go pick some herbs:) Feel free to spice it up a bit, and I would love to know what you all try!

1 cup cooked, cut, tightly packed green beans or broccoli (or any other veggies you want to try)
1 cup shredded, tightly packed chicken (left over from making stock, or just boiled)

1/4 of a white cooking onion
3 cloves garlic
1 Tsp Fish sauce
2 Egg Yolks (optional)

2 Tbsp Butter
2 Tbsp Coconut oil
Salt and pepper as needed

Other spices if you wish

Place the veggie, onion, garlic, and fish sauce in the food processor, and process until it is liquid or
pasty. Gently pulse in the chicken until the mixture resembles that of Tuna salad. It will be wet and slightly sticky. Take a small handful of the mixture and press in between your palm to form a "patty."

Have your skillet nice and hot, but not scalding or the outsides will burn. Combine both the butter and coconut oil together in a dish, and apply liberally to the skillet. Place the patties on the skillet and cook until browned on eat side. If you try to flip the patties too soon, they will break apart. Once "cooked" on the one side they will stay together very

These are an excellent change of pace for all that left over chicken, and the mixture of veggies helps the meat go a long way.

This recipe was enough to feed our very hungry family of 3. (both J and I eat more than "normal" people...especially on the yeast diet!)

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