Nut Crackers (GAPS, SF, GF, Candida)

These little delicious bits have been heavenly to enjoy! We have used them in our salads like croutons, soups as crackers, and just to enjoy as a snack! N can't seem to get enough of them! He just keeps asking for more "cwarcker cwumbs" for his soups! These came to life after reading the GAPS book. She had ideas for crackers, but I took her starting spot and ran with it...

These tasty little bits are quite versatile, even in the ingredient list, so they are flexible with adjustments based on what is "crispy" in your pantry. We have been enjoying them with walnuts...since walnuts seem to be considerably less expensive per pound! They work really well with Almonds and pecans too. I haven't given hazelnuts a go yet, but I would think they would work out.

The biggest adjustment in this recipe is the fat content depending upon the type of nut used. Pecans and walnuts are more oily than almonds, so you will need to adjust the fat to fit the nut! When I do the walnut/almond combination I only need to use 1 Tbsp.

Here goes!

2 1/2 cups "crispy" nut of choice or a combination (I like 1/2 walnuts, 1/2 almonds)
2 tsp-2tbsp butter (coconut oil, ghee, lard, goosefat etc.)
1 large pasture egg
1 medium sized clove garlic
1 1/2 tsp real salt

In a food processor combine the nuts dry measured whole. Process until the nuts are in tiny crumbles or meal like with just a minimal amount of pasting at the bottom. Add the egg, garlic clove (whole) and the salt, and process a minute, than add the fat. The mixture should be sticky, but not excessively oily. The mixture should form a ball in the processor.

When the ball has formed, remove from processor and press out into a flat sheet on a sil-pat or rolling surface. Since there is no flour, you do need a slightly oily "dough." I really like the sil-pat for the pressing, personally, but feel free to use whatever you normally roll out on. Press the nut mixture until very thin (cracker thickness) but still sticking together. If you press too thin, the mixture will just crack and form will know when this has happened...then just press it back together. I have sprinkled fresh "crispy" sesame seeds on top or poppies... Get creative!

Cut the crackers into small squares and transfer to a baking sheet or sil-pat. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and place the crackers in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Oil will leach from the crackers as they are cooking, but it will be reabsorbed during the cooling process. If you think there is excessive oil feel free to remove it with a paper towel when done!

There you go! A delicious addition to your diet that is packed with protein and good fats! I am going to work on a "sweet" version too! Let me know your adaptations! :)

Happy munching.