Grinding Grains at Home

So I have always heard, that you can easily grind grains at home using a food processor. I have always used my blender and achieved satisfactory, I decided to give my food processor a "try-out" as a grinder. Mostly because I was feeling bad for my "over-worked" blender this week!

Before I start the explanation of this process I will tell you the flavor of a home ground grain is so far superior to that of the store bought variety. I haven't noticed quite some much with wheat, but any alternative grain, to me, is almost unpalatable if purchased in the flour form! I can't even get store purchased millet flour near my face without feeling queasy. The smell and taste are just off! There are a million things that could be contributing to it...but most likely I am smelling and tasting the rancidness. Take it from me. Take the 20 minutes and grind it yourself...the results are definitely worth it!

So, I filled up my most favorite food processor with about 2 cups of millet flour. I let it run for 15 minutes and then "checked" the millet for texture. I wasn't so thrilled. It was still exceptionally coarse and very warm...moisture was building up in the grain. I let it rest for about 30 minutes and the grain cooled down. I ran it for another 15 minutes, and the grain was still very course...and hot...

After that. I transferred it to my blender to continue the process. It finished up in the blender in just a couple of minutes.

Moral of the story. The blender does about 2 cups millet in 20-30 minutes...and the food processor was at 30 and not even close to being done. For homemade flour...I would highly recommend the blender!

Just as an fyi. I put my blender on liquefy to start, and then lower the speed to "mix" or puree and stir the grain through the opening at the top to prevent it from climbing up the sides. (I remove the little plastic circle from the top and stick the stirring spoon in, obviously, you are just shifting the top layer of flour, the spoon should never be close to the middle or the bottom of the blender...need I say more.)

Good luck grinding your own flour. Naturally, if you are baking lots or using lots of alternative grains, which get quite costly to purchase in flour form, a grinder will probably be a great investment..but until then...use the blender!

After you have "blended" your grain into flour, store in an airtight container in the refriderator...and preferably away from light. It will keep for a week or two. If the flavor starts to resemble the store purchased know it is time to blend up some more! (Thank you LAP for your question!)