About Me

I am a geek. I love to research. I love to see how our bodies interact with our surrounding and food. I love to learn more about how our bodies metabolize different foods and "non" foods. I love to bust open myths that we all believe as Americans...and I love the quest for learning...

All of our Bodies truly are fearfully and wonderfully made! Not a single one of us is the same. If there is one thing I have learned after 10 years of research it is this! There are so many things that make our bodies tick, not a single 40 food diet is the answer for everyone. My quest here is to introduce to you all what I have come to believe is healthy, and for you to figure out which of those foods actually work well with your system...

For example: while we use dairy in our recipes, you might find dairy doesn't sit well with you. It isn't that dairy is bad for you...it is just that your body doesn't process dairy well...so it is a food you should avoid...but everyone doesn't need to avoid it.

Muddling through the nonsense we have all come to believe about "health" is an uphill battle. The Gods of Money and Corporations are powerful, and learning "truth" in the midst of lies is tough.

I have been on my fair share of "low fat" fad diets and almost any other "diet" that was trendy while I was in College, and all produced no results...and left me feeling worse. I was only 16 when I was diagnosed with a disease called Reflex sympathetic Dystrophy, a disease in your central nervous system, that left me unable to walk. After 2 plus years in the "traditional" realm of medicine I found myself 3 surgeries, and lots of prescription pills, and I was still in pain.

I was first introduced to "alternative" medicine via an Applied Kineseologist and chiropractor who immediately diagnosed me with a systemic yeast infection...and put me on the candida diet for 6 weeks. It was the worst thing I had ever endured...removing all my sugar laden foods from my diet was hard...especially in college, but it was well worth the effort. This is what started my journey into "health." When I was done with the diet...I was done with prescription drugs for the RSD and Pain killers, constipation, sinus infections, and weight I just couldn't lose.

I instantly became a "believer" in the healing power of food the way the Lord gives it. The journey has been long...but the benefits worth it! Understanding more about our bodies and food, has brought me to a greater understanding of who the God of the Universe is!

I am now a wife, to Jonathan, and mother to a fabulous eclectic dude Noah with lots of special food needs, and a heart melting Isaac. I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen cooking for my family and I have found I have come to view it as an art form! It isn't about how long something takes to prepare, but rather how nourishing the end product is.

On a side note: I hate doing laundry and scrap-booking...and I still love a great cup of coffee with cream!


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