Ode to My Food Processor

I cannot tell you all enough, how much I really appreciate my food processor. It is a huge, essential to my kitchen that happened about 1 1/2 years ago. Since the addition, I am constantly finding new and exciting way to use it. I have heard from many, that they have one and they don't use it all that much!!! I can't even understand that! Simply because if I am cooking in my kitchen, my food processor is usually out!

I have heard one of the main differences from food processor and non-food processing people it is that some of the people can only chop with their food processor! My food processor is great for chopping, but also for shredding, kneading, and slicing! I love to use it! :)

So what food processor do I own that I am in love with? The Cuisinart Power Prep Plus 11 cup Processor. It comes with endless features and it is wonderful! I have used it to make bread, soup, sauces, batters, pancakes, chop veggies, shred cheese or veggies...the possibilities are endless! :) If you are interested in seeing other customer's reviews please click on the photo!


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