How is Your Gut Today?

The candida diet is going well. I am still in the "die-off" phase of existence meaning things typically get worse for up to 10 days prior to getting better!), but J is already on the up swing. I can't help but get frustrated with how much quicker men's bodies in general respond to "new treatments."

Rebuilding the gut to an optimal state of existence is a process! It isn't just a 4-6 week run, it takes months to repair the gut environment, after all, many of us have been assaulting it for years and years. I know J is looking forward to learning more about what his body responds well to, and doesn't like, and I am looking forward to a reduction of a whole slew of unwanted medical/fertility issues. It is next to impossible to predict how much "better" you will be when your gut is healed...but I know I experienced amazing relief from a Central Nervous System disorder (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) chronic pain, migraines, chronic constipation, sinus infections, and seasonal allergies. N got rid of his eczema, started eating better, and we were able to remove him from his seizure medication with success! I know I sound like an infomercial and this point, but I am just excited to share with you all how impacting a crazy "food turn-around" can be for you!

Changing the way we view our food is key. Food is the Nourishment our provider has created to provide his "temple" life. When we eat food from the earth full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, we are "feeding the temple." When we eat foods that have been sacrificed to the idols of Money and Corporations we are draining our systems and in turn our lives of their full potential.

A sick gut causes our minds to become clouded and our decisions poor. Think about when you have been really stressed out, or if you are a woman struggling with PMS. It is like we can't control our cravings or desires for "food" that really isn't "food." Chips, chocolates, candies, fast food is the first thing on most peoples minds when their gut is sick and being stressed to it's limits. This is no surprise. We are all addicts. Food Addicts that is. Each has their own specific addiction, but the point is we have sought after food for it's pleasure, convenience, and taste value, not the nourishing value...and your sick gut is fueling your addiction, one cheeto at a time.

A sick gut can manifest symptoms in a variety of different ways, and can't be limited to a simple 1 page list of things to look for! Do you suffer from a constant stuffy or runny nose, ear infections, puffy eyes, bags under the eyes, food cravings, arthritis, hypoglycemia, infertility, hormone imbalances, low glandular production, a wide variety of psychiatric problems including depression and social anxiety disorder, Irritable Bowel syndrome, endomietriosis, constant infections of colds or flus, eczema, acne, migraines, bad breath, itchy bum (I know no one wants to talk about this) and on and on. It doesn't just mean that you have a stomach ache or stomach problems (although that can be a symptom as well!)

A sick gut can come about via many different paths. Some we can thank our parents for, literally. Some of us are born with a weak gut and poor ratios of good and bad bacteria, a weak immune system ect. The genes we inherit are the genes we have been given. You can't get them any better than where you start, but you can for sure make them worse depending on how you treat the ones you are given!

Frequent or overuse of antibiotics also produce a bad gut. Anti-biotics are just that: bacteria killing agents. They don't discriminate good and bad bacteria, they just kill everything in sight. Broad Spectrum anti-biotics do the worst damage to a gut. Don't be fooled into thinking that antibiotics for infection are the only ones you consume. If you eat conventional eggs, meat, or milk than you are getting more than your daily dose of antibiotics. If you are a tap water drinker, than you are exposed to them in the water supply along with chlorine and fluoride other killers of bacteria.

Needless to say, as an average American you are at war with your environment everyday! To make matters worse we have mounds of conflicting information about what "healthy foods" truly are as well!

A simple way to start the healing process:

Consider a GAPS diet. (link in the side bar)
Consider a Candida Diet
Talk to a holistic health care practitioner
Keep reading my blog :)

But just don't do nothing!

Take back your clarity, sight, and mind. Get your gut healthy! Yes, this will probably take drastic lifestyle changes, but it is worth it in the end!