Homemade Cream Cheese and Whey for Soaking

This really does taste good and it will give you a decent supply of whey for other soaking or preserving needs. If you can't handle the gamey flavor of the yogurt, use a high quality non-growth hormone plain yogurt. Yogurt from Jersey Cows is best.
1 quart grass fed plain yogurt.
items you need.
thin cloth
Large bowl
Rubber band
a Wooden spoon

Place cloth in strainer in a larger bowl. Put yogurt on the cloth in the strainer. Let stand at room temp for several hours. When yogurt has started to thicken some, pick up cloth being careful not to squeeze the curds of cheese and tie with a rubber band. Attach yogurt cloth to a wooden spoon and let drip free from touching the bowl until all whey is out.

When finished transfer cream cheese to a bowl or glass storage container, cover and fridge for up to 2 months.

The whey will be the yellow liquid. place this in a jar in the fridge, and this keeps for 6 months.

Why would you want whey? Whey acts as a pre-digestor for phytic acid which is found in a majority of grains and legumes. Phytic Acid cannot be absorbed or broken down by the body and hinders the body from obtaining total nutrient counts from the food being consumed. We use whey for soaking cracked oats for our breakfast, quinoa, and for preservation of lactic acid fermented foods! All of which taste really good, even if they sound a little scary. Don't be intimidated, doing a kitchen overhaul takes time!


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