About Soaking

Why would anyone want to soak a grain overnight?

The answer is simple. Most grains, especially whole grains, contain a large amount of phytic acid, which the body is completley incapable of digesting. Phytic acid if consumed, won't kill you, but it does distrupt your body's ability to fully digest, or uptake all the nutrients from the grain.

What does soaking in a whey medium or acid medium overnight do? Simple it acts as a pre-digestor for the phytic acid, softens the grain, and overall makes all the nutrients contained within the grain more bio-available, meaning you will get all the vitamins, minerals, etc from the grain as humanly possible.

Soaking grains, if really simple, it just requires a thought shift. You need to plan ahead! I will have countless recipes here that will require soaked grains. Don't be scared, give them a try, you might be surprised how much more paletable whole grains taste once thoroughly soaked.
If you have a severe milk allergy you can replace the whey with equal parts lemon juice or vinegar.


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