Gluten Allergies

Those of you who followed my other blog know that my son N is extremely allergic to Gluten, and most other grains! For those of you who are in this category, you are in luck. I am constantly trying to adjust and come up with new recipes that are gluten free!

No more looking at blog after blog or recipe site after recipe site only to find that 90% of the information on it doesn't apply to you.

You will notice that I use oats and barley in recipes. I know these are sensitive grains for some, and not others, if you need specific adjustments to a recipe listed with these flours b/c you can't have them, please leave a comment and I will try my best to adjust it for you (and for anyone else in the same situation) N fortunately can have both of these...

I have found success cooking with alternative grains by adjusting the cooking time to longer, adding 1 tsp baking powder per cup of alternative flour, and reducing the liquid in the recipe by almost a 1/4.

It is also important to mix your gluten free flours. Some gluten free options are "binding," and others are crumbly. You need to try to get a good mix of binding to sticky flours. The best written example of all these flours can be found at the Weston A Price Foundation website.

If you are in a boat where you happen to have a gluten, rice, and basic starch allergy...I can empathize. N's diet is there... To this you need to learn to adjust what you are looking for. There are some recipes that can be replaced with all Millet flour for example, but some just don't work. Check back and I will let you know which ones I have success with and which ones just didn't work.

Good luck!


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