Heavenly Pecan Pancakes (SF, GF, and GAPS approved)

I know a little while back I posted the Starch free, Gluten Free, Candida approved and GAPS approved Almond Pancakes, they were a hit for awhile. N and J were way crazy about them, and I thought they passed as a substitute, but they were definitely a substitute.

After my experiments with Almond/pecan bread I decided to give the pecans a chance as pancakes. I noticed that the pecan bread had a much smoother texture, it wasn't nearly as mealy as the almond counterpart, and since I wasn't a fan of the mealiness of the almond pancakes, I was thinking this might be my solution!

So, I made a batch of these yesterday for lunch, and I have to say, I think I could never eat a flour pancake again and be satisfied! They are completely fluffy, and not mealy at all! Their flavor can't be beat, and when topped with coconut honey, I think I could eat the whole batch myself!

Besides being tasty, they get many awesome substances into your diet! Pecans are known for their oleic acid content, also found in the olive, and this acid has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, and in combination with their other fats help lower "bad" cholesterol levels. Now, we know sugars and starches are what cause high cholesterol to begin with, but why not toss in some nuts to help your body rid itself of the LDL's floating around! They are also touted as an awesome source of rich anti-oxidents as well! Don't forget you are getting all your protein in as well. So, you are doing your body a favor by eating up these amazing little pancakes! Leave the caking to your intestine starches out, and give these babies a try!

They are rather filling, so the recipe below will probably accommodate up to 3 or 4 people. You know your appetites better than I do. In our house, we could have had another person eat, as we had 3 leftover...and 3 or 4 is probably all one person could handle as they are pretty rich.

2 cups Crispy Pecans (measured out dry and whole!)
1/4 cup coconut milk (almond milk, cream, yoghurt, kefir)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp honey (if allowed you are allowed)
4 eggs
1 1/2- 3 tsp cinnamon (depending on preference, we like alot!)
1 Tbsp vanilla extract (omit if not allowed)
Fresh or frozen berries or fruit of choice!

So, this is pretty similar to the almond recipe...take the 2 cups of pecans and place them in your food processor. process until all the pecans are tiny crumbles, and starting to collect as paste along the bottom of the processor. Don't process all into a paste. I find this makes a denser cake. Once processed, add the eggs and continue to process until bulk has increased and the pecans seem to be pulverized. Add the "milk" of choice and honey while the processor is going...also add the vanilla, cinnamon, and salt. Once all ingredients are combined well. Shut off the processor. The batter should be pourable..so if a little more "milk" is necessary go for it... (I have needed to add 1 more tbsp from time to time. It seems if my pecans still have a little retained moisture from the drying process they don't need it, and if they are completely crispity, crunchity they do)

If adding in fruit, transfer batter to a bowl and fold in the fruit of choice. If you are adding bananas, you can process those into the batter, or add as chunks. Heat a cast iron griddle or skillet and do a "oil" cleaning* to the skillet prior to your first cake with coconut oil. Once the skillet is hot, but not smoking, add the batter in 3 inch or 4 inch rounds. We tend to like big pancakes here, so I make 6-8 in rounds...but whatever floats your boat! These hold together much better than the almond ones so, you can make larger cakes if you so desire! When bubbly and partially dry on the edges flip and finish them off.

Enjoy these guys with plenty of fresh maple or berry syrup, or honey coconut spread! We can't have syrup so I mixed up the honey coconut spread and it was divine!

Honey coconut spread:

4 Tbsp coconut Oil
2 Tbsp honey

mix until well combined and spread on or pour on depending on the temperature of the coconut oil! This is also amazing in the freezer with cinnamon on top for a cool after dinner treat in the summer...plus it is a great way to get more coconut into your diet!

Oil cleaning consists of heating the skillet until a moderate heat, and than taking a TBSP of coconut, lard, or butter and rubbing the skillet until it appears a nice coating has been achieved. I do this prior to all pancake making...it also allowing for a more even browning on delicate items such as these. I find "frying" pancakes less desirable...but if you are into the fry cake flavor go for it! I prefer to pour on the fat after they have an even browning! :)

Give them a go! Let me know your modifications!


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