The Doctor is IN....Bronner that is.

It has been awhile since I shared about what is in our home...

It always amazes me how we are so careless with what we put on our skin. I know I never thought of skin as an organ that is drinking everything that gets placed on it, and assimilating it into our bodies/blood etc. Now that I am older, and like to think wiser, I am shocked, appalled and in general disbelief when I walk down the self care isles of the stores.

My general opinion on the matter, if you can't or won't drink it, than you shouldn't be using it on your skin! I know that sounds intense, but it is true!

Soaps are a tough one. Finding one that lathers, doesn't dry your skin out, and doesn't have toxic chemicals, plus is affordable can be tough.

I can say we have had an obsession with Dr. Bronners Castile Soaps for quite some time. N, J and I all use them for soap, facewash, and shampoo. They some in so many different essential oil
blends that the variety is almost endless.

So, for a facial pack or for the morning when you just can't seem to get your eyes to open, or you have sinus congestion. Place a squirt of the peppermint or eucalyptus soap in a sink of hot water. Soak a wash cloth and place it on your face. Inhale the oils...and wait for the amazing tingle. I am officially obsessed with this! I joke with J that this is my morning therapy after a rough night of little sleep!

For shampoo : Mix the rose and citrus oils together in a separate bottle. The rose will help build volume and the citrus helps remove excess oils and dirt. The peppermint is a nice clarifier ever once in a while....but will leave your hair straw-like if used on a regular basis.

For bodywash: I like the citrus, or rose. J likes the Eucalyptus or peppermint. I find the "spicy" oils can be a bit much on the sensitive areas of the body, but hey, give it a whirl...

You can also use it as a mouthwash. I don't particularly care for the after taste, but to each his own I suppose.

I have also used it as a dish soap with great success!

Needless to say, a bottle of Dr. Bronners goes a long way in your home! The bottle is a bit scary, they definitely are working from an interesting belief system, but the soap is great! They even have a Non essential oil soap...


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