Ode to My Immersion Blender

So, there are very few kitchen appliances that bring a smile to my face like the immersion, or hand-held, blender! I know it sounds silly, and maybe a little obsessives, but I love it! In a healthy, non-idolatry kind of way!

I finally purchased one about a month ago, and I can't say enough good things about it. It has revolutionized my soup making ability, not to mention some awesome orange slushees, and a some really great smoothies. Are all of these things possible with a regular blender, well of course!

So, what's the big deal than? Well, the Immersion blender is so much easier to clean, and it is more practical, especially when it comes to anything that is hot and in a large pot! No more transferring your boiling hot chunky soup into a blender, then into a storage bowl, and eventually back into a pot for re-heating. With the Immersion blender, you can do it all in one pot! And you just need to clean the little stick! So much easier than taking apart the blender.

I have the Cuisine Art Hand-held smart stick. It was quite an economical purchase. We got ours at Bed-bath Beyond and used our monthly mailer 20% off coupon. The link above will bring you to Amazon. I know they sell larger hand-held stick blenders, but I find this one does the trick!

Definitely a good gift idea for an alternative cook! :)


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